Adult Peer Pressure

Q: Should I let other parents know that I think underage drinking and providing alcohol for minors is wrong?

A: YES! Don’t be afraid of being criticized for your opinion. Speak up! 87% of other parents feel the same way you do!

Be the Parent on the Scene!

Even adults experience peer pressure at times when it comes to the topic of providing alcohol to minors or letting minors drink in their presence. We encourage parents to act responsibly themselves and to encourage their friends to do the same. The goal of Be the Parent on the Scene is to target and eliminate the pop culture myth that it is cool for a parent to provide supervision for something that their “kids are gonna do anyway”. In fact, many kids appreciate having a good excuse NOT to drink and look to parents for that excuse. Also, an overwhelming majority of parents (87%) believe providing alcohol for minors is wrong. Further, it’s not up to you or your responsibility to make decisions for another parent’s child about providing alcohol or letting them drink alcohol in your presence.


In addition to the information found on the Be the Parent on the Scene web site, we offer a comprehensive list of resources related to underage and binge drinking and alcohol abuse.